Perception and Wilderness systems kayaks now at Forster marina NSW

We now stock a range of Perception Kayaks and Wilderness Systems Kayaks



Kayaks from Forster Marina
Forster Marina now stock a range of kayaks and accessories. We will also be happy to place a special order for you if there is something in the Percetion or Wilderness System rages that we do not stock.

Perception Kayaks.
Passion has always been the driving force at Perception- a passion for paddling; a passion for design and a passion for producing exceptional kayaks. In the 70’s we pioneered the plastic kayak and since then we’ve led the industry with innovations that have opened the sport to new Paddlers and expanded the capabilities of experienced Paddlers.

It was almost 30 years ago when a few passionate souls thought that they could produce a better boat. Today that same passion drives us to produce the best boats available and has made us one of the world’s leading kayak brands.

Wilderness Systems Kayaks
Wilderness Systems welcomes everyone to experience their world without boundaries. Everyday is a chance to pioneer another adventure. Where you are a learner. And a mentor. When out of reach is close enough to touch.

Wilderness Systems is the kayak experience created to empower. Stunning quality and unbelievable comfort. Innovative designs defy the understood limits of performance for any skill. The definition of adventure is now wherever you are.

Winner of the 2009, 2010 and 2011 Boat Brand of the Year by Canoe and Kayak Magazine.