Frequently Asked Questions - Forster marina NSW

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Q. Do we need a license?
A: None of our hire boats require a licence.

Q. Can I hire a boat if I haven't handled a boat before?
A: YES! We will provide you with information on navigation rules, demonstrate the operation of the boat. Even accompany you on a short drive around the marina if time permits.

Q:What do I do if I need assistance on the water?
A: Mobile phone reception is generally good on the lake, The office phone number is clearly marked on your Hire Agreement and displayed on each vessel If all else fails wave a jacket to another vessel or anchor and stay put. If you are overdue we will be contacting or searching for you.

Q: What happens if the weather is bad?
A: If you decide that the weather is not good enough to enjoy your day on the party pontoon, you may transfer your booking to another date (subject to availability) without cost. If you cancel you will forfeit 50% of your deposit.

If we consider the conditions to be unsafe we will rebook or cancel the hire without recompense, deposit in this case would be refunded.

Q: How near are you to public transport?
A: We are located within walking distance from Forster CBD.

Q: Where can we park the car?
A: The Council provides street parking in Little & South Streets or call in for advice. Be careful to park in the designated signposted spaces only abiding by parking rules as stated on the signs.

Q: What happens if we damage a boat?
A:You as the hirer are responsible for all damage to your hire boat or motor. This is NOT limited to just your deposit, so please take care and observe all instructions given by our staff. If inspection uncovers wilful or negligent damages or breaches of the terms of the hire agreement (e.g.: driving at night or wilful abuse or damage), you will be liable for the total cost of repairs, including any damages to other boats, persons or property.

Q:What do we need to do to get our deposit back?
A: We give you a clean, undamaged boat. Your deposit will be returned when you bring the boat back on time in a relatively similar state.

....... No marinades are to be used on the BBQ ......

* Excessive mess from food-fights, bait or fish scales, vomit, confetti/glitter, etc will result in a cleaning fee.
* Broken safety equipment will be assessed and part or all of the deposit withheld, at the discretion of Forster Marina staff.
* Breaches of the hire agreement or abusive language/behaviour may also result in the deposit being withheld.

Q: What do we need to bring to hire a party Pontoon?
A: You'll need eating and BBQ utensils, plates, cups, your food and drink. Basically any consumables you require. Don't forget the bottle opener.

The rest of it is up to you, suggestions are: towels, swimming gear, sun screen, hats, fishing equipment, tackle bait etc.

We provide an Ice tub for your drinks, and additional ice for your esky to store your perishables.

NOTE: Drinks and ice creams are available at our shop

Q: Where can we take the boat in Wallis lake?
A: We provide you with an indicative map of the waterways on your hire docket which clearly defines the areas of interest and those areas which are out of bounds. You can download your own waterways map.

NOTE: Hire vessels are not allowed seawards of the Forster Tuncurry Bridge.

Q: Can we venture out to sea?
A: NO! Our boats are for hire in "enclosed waters" which means, by law, they must not be taken out to sea.
You can be fined $1500 by the NSW Roads and Maritime for breaking the law.

Q: Can we cruise on the Hire Boat at night?
A: NO! The boat must returned before sunset. Heavy fines apply for night driving.

Q: What is the latest time we can return?
A: 4.30pm for Pontoons or Fishing boats, (subject to availability) .